What is IFSAM?

  • IFSAM strives to be the United Nations of academies pertaining to management around the world.
  • It is a federative organization whose members are management-related scholarly associations.

As stated in IFSAM’s statutes: The objects of the Federation shall be the development of management research and teaching as a unified science and its advancement in all nations of the world. Means to this end shall include:

  • Promoting the development of specific parts of management research and teaching and encouraging the development of new fields;
  • Establishing and maintaining standards of competence in management research and teaching;
  • Sponsoring international conferences;
  • Providing other means for exchange of information on management research and teaching among associations of scholars throughout the world; and
  • Encouraging the establishment of national associations of scholars of management.

What happens at IFSAM Council meetings?

The Council is at the heart of IFSAM’s mission and is the driving force behind these goals.

  • The Council, chaired by IFSAM’s President, meets every year with the Executive Board.
  • IFSAM’s President is responsible for developing the federation in collaboration with the Council.
  • Two representatives from each member organization may participate in the Council meetings.
  • The Council meetings are an excellent opportunity to discuss issues and opportunities faced by member organizations.
  • The Council is also responsible of selecting the place, timing, and themes of IFSAM’s conferences.

What is the purpose of the IFSAM conferences?

IFSAM holds an international conference every two years.

  • These conferences address significant management issues.
  • They are an excellent opportunity to meet scholars from around the world.
  • The conferences are held on continents around the world.

What are the benefits of being a member?

  • IFSAM provides an opportunity for executive members of associations to meet with their peers and exchange ideas and suggestions that they can use to improve the functioning of their own associations.
  • The Council meetings provide a forum for interaction with other association representatives and discussion of issues pertaining to the management of their own association.
  • IFSAM Council meetings and conferences provide an opportunity to develop contacts, exchange ideas, and learn from the experiences of other associations.
  • IFSAM provides an opportunity to work together to support the development of academies of management in developing countries.

Who can become members?

  • IFSAM’s members are associations, rather than individuals.
  • (Inter)national academies of management can become full members of IFSAM.
  • Full (voting) members of IFSAM include established national associations or possibly a federation of national associations whose primary objective is the advancement of research and teaching of management.
  • The full membership fee is currently $1,250 (USD) per year.
  • Developing associations that are striving to become full members in the future may join IFSAM as associate members.
  • Please see How to Join for more information on joining IFSAM.

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