21 February 2021

International Mother Language Day

Our executive committee wants to associate our Federation to today’s celebration of L’Organisation des Nations unies pour l’éducation, la science et la culture #MotherLanguageDay.

While most scientific communities across the world adopted English as the lingua franca in their activities, our Federation strives to support multiple languages.

Since 1996 through our biannual #world congress (https://www.ifsam.org/conferences_new/), we have shown our commitment to #language #diversity & respect of #IndigenousLanguages, by encouraging submissions & presentations of scientific papers in at least one of the languages of the community hosting the congress. More specifically, in addition to #English, we have welcomed paper submissions and presentations in:

– #Chinese in 2008 & 2018,

– #French in Paris 1996 & 2010 (FNEGE), 
& in Montréal 2000 ( André Petit

– French & #Castillian in 1998 Universidad de Alcalá Sección de Recursos Humanos -Acede- Santiago García Echevarria

We owe this commitment to language diversity to our past presidents and congress chairs, who enshrined & displayed our Federation contextualized approach to management at the worldwide level. We aim to continue this approach in our current #online activities.