What is IFSAM

  • International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management is a federative organization whose members are management-related scholarly associations.
  • IFSAM strives to be the United Nations of academies pertaining to management around the world, to be the world wide policy body in management research, teaching and practice.

As stated in IFSAM’s statutes: The objectives of the Federation shall be the development of management research and teaching as a unified science and its advancement in all nations of the world. Means to these ends shall include:

  • Promoting the development of specific parts of management research and teaching.
  • Establishing and maintaining standards of competence in management research and teaching.
  • Sponsoring international conferences.
  • Providing other means for exchange of information on management research and teaching among associations of scholars throughout the world.
  • Encouraging the establishment of national and regional associations of scholars of management.