IFSAM monthly bulletins

Bulletin – June 2023


IFSAM Webinar

IFSAM Webinar on: The governance of higher education markets in turbulent times: the challenges of corporatization and distance learning.

The webinar was held on 20th June 2023. We thank all for participating and the panellists for the valuable insights shared during the webinar. The video is now available at the following links:

– IFSAM website https://www.ifsam.org/blog/2023/03/20/ifsam-webinar-on-governing-higher-education-in-turbulent-times/

– and IFSAM YouTube Channel https://youtu.be/juogEbGadJc


Vanessa Bermeo Pazmiño, Deputy VP Education, UCACUE – Universidad Católica de Cuenca


Dr. Lars Engwall, Uppsala University, Coordinator of the Higher Education, Research and Culture in European Societies

Dr. Flavio Romero Macau, Edith Cowan University, Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning

Dr. Sergio Wanderley, VP education, Unigranrio

News from GA

We are delighted to inform you that IFSAM held its Annual GA meeting on June 21st, 2023, online. During the meeting the GA has admitted new member associations, elected a new director (VP COMM) and the new chair of the Awards Committee, and appointed a number of reps and delegates to IFSAM GA Committees. Please see below in detail:

New member of BoD

Hongmei Han is the new VP Communication

New GA members

New representatives:

Anne-Laure Delaunay and Guillaume Biot-Paquerot for AIM

Cécile Ayerbe for AIMS

Zineb El Andaloussi from AMG

Maria Teresa Blanco and Yerko Cortes for ASFAE

Christine Moser and Giuseppe Delmestri for EGOS

New GA Committees members

Research Committee

Christine Moser (Deputy VP Research)

Didier Chabaud (AEI)

Awards Committee

Baniyelme Zoogah, Chair

Anthony McDonnell (IAM)

Zineb El Andaloussi (AMG)

Events Committee

Michela Mason (delegate of GA member, SIMA)

Yerko Cortes (ASFAE)

Practice Committee

Catherine Leger Jarniou (AEI)

Education Committee

Zineb El Andaloussi (AMG)

New IFSAM members:

We are very pleased to inform you that our last General Assembly unanimously approved the admission of two new members:

ANZAM – Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management
New Zealand

EGOS – European Group for Organizational Studies

Members’ Annual Conferences (this month)

XXXIIth AIMS conference

6-9 June 2023



EURAM Annual Conference

14-16 June 2023

Trinity Business School, Dublin – Ireland


XXXII ACEDE International Conference

June 25 to 27, 2023 at the University of Alicante (Spain), under the theme “Business, Strategy and Sustainability in a Global World”


AEI – Academie de l’entrepreneuriat & de l’innovation

28-30 June 2023

13ème Congrès de l’Académie de l’Entrepreneuriat et de l’Innovation (AEI 2023) Strasbourg


SIMA – Società Italiana di Management

29-30 June 2023



Upcoming Members’ Conferences

EGOS – European Group for Organizational Studies

6-8 July 2023

39th EGOS Colloquium 2023, University of Cagliari (Italy)


IAM – Irish Academy of Management

23–24 August 2023

2023 Irish Academy of Management Annual Conference, NUI Galway


97th JABA annual conference

4-7 September 2023

Kobe Gakuin University, Hyogo, Japan.


BAM2023 Conference

5th – 7th September 2023

University of Sussex Business School


SMS – Strategic Management Society

30 September – 03 October 2023

SMS’s 43rd Annual Conference in Toronto


ANZAM – Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management

5 – 7 December, 2023

36th ANZAM Conference – Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand


AFAM 7th Biennial Conference

8-10 January, 2024

7th Biennial Conference, Stellenbosch Business School, , Cape Town, South Africa


IFSAM Governance Meetings

Recent meetings

  • June 6, Board of Directors Meeting
  • June 12, Advisory Council Meeting
  • June 21, General Assembly

If you have any questions or want to get in touch with IFSAM, please contact us at: info@ifsam.org