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Bulletin – September 2022

IFSAM news

IFSAM 16th Biennial Congress (2022)

We are delighted to announce that IFSAM 2022 Congress was held virtually in collaboration with ANPAD as a pre-conference activity of ENANPAD22 between 7th and 9th September 2022. Theme: Opportunities and Challenges in a Changing Business & Management Higher Education Landscape

The opening session introduced the programme and purpose of the congress and also contained a celebration of the 30 years’ anniversary of the first IFSAM congress in Tokyo in 1992 in cooperation with founding member the Japan Academy of Business Administration (JABA).

Speakers:  Martin Spring (IFSAM VP conferences) and Xavier Castañer (IFSAM president).

For the 30 years’ celebration of the 1992 Tokyo congress, a booklet of memories from several participants and organizers was presented by some of them during the inaugural session of the 2022 online congress, Sept 7.

Videos of the opening session, round tables and award winner sessions are available at IFSAM YouTube channel and on 2022 Congress website.

IFSAM Memory Booklet of 1992 IFSAM Tokyo Congress

Associations represented in the opening ceremony

ACACIA: Mónica Sanchez (VP), on behalf of current president

AFAM: Baniyelme Zoogah (President)

AMG: Amal Laaribi  (Secretary General)

ANPAD: Alketa Peci (President), Rafael Gatto (Manager)

ASAC: Shamsud Chowdhury (President)

ASSG: Birahim Gueye (President)

BAM: Katy Mason (Incoming President), Madeleine Barrows (Managing Director)

FNEGE: Ouidade Sabri, representing Jérôme Caby (Managing Director)

JABA: Norio Kambayashi (Outgoing President), Takashi Sakikawa (Outgoing BoD Member, International Academic Relations Director)

NAM: Dhruba Kumar Gautam  (Secretary)

SIMA: Arabella Mocciaro (President)


ANZAM: Kerry Brown (President)

IAM: Felicity Kelliher (Immediate Past Chair)


Call for 2022 IFSAM Awards Nominations

Our Board of Directors inform the deadline to Nominations*, including self-nominations, about the call for the two 2022 IFSAM awards in excellence on 1) societally relevant management research and 2) indigenous management scholarship was extended.

Nominations should be submitted by filling the form at the following link: https://www.ifsam.org/ifsam-2022-awards/ by November 1, 2022, at midnight (CET).

*To avoid conflicts of interest, AC and GA members are not eligible.

News from members

Prof Amy Hillman new AOM president

On behalf of IFSAM General Assembly and Board of DirectorsXavier Castañer (IFSAM president) and Sandro Castaldo (IFSAM president elect) sincerely congratulate Prof. Amy Hillman for becoming last month the 78th president of the Academy of Management (AOM), a founding member association of IFSAM.

They also express their gratitude to now immediate past president Prof. Herman Aguinis for his participation and contributions to IFSAM activities, in particular his role as panelist in the 2021 consultation process for IFSAM’s soft policy statement on management research.

They wish them both all the best in their new AOM governance roles and look forward to a continued cooperation and AOM contributions to the federation.

Prof. Nobuyuki Demise new JABA president

On behalf of IFSAM General Assembly (GA) and Board of Directors, IFSAM president Prof. Xavier Castañer congratulates Prof. Nobuyuki Demise for his recent election as the new president of the Japanese Academy of Business Administration (JABA), a founding member of IFSAM. Prof. Demise is a longtime IFSAMer, well acquainted with IFSAM as he has participated in several IFSAM activities in the past, notably the 1st IFSAM congress in Tokyo in 1992 as well as the 8th IFSAM biennial congress in 2006 in Berlin, where he gave a presentation on a historical perspective on corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Japan.

IFSAM also would like to thank Prof. Demise’ predecessor as JABA president, Prof. Norio Kambayashi, for his personal support to the IFSAM and his always reliable cooperation.

We also extend our gratitude to JABA as a whole and to Prof. Koji Okuyabashi (former IFSAM secretary and current member of IFSAM advisory council) and Takashi Sakikawa (JABA rep at IFSAM GA) in particular for their support, contribution and participation in the recent celebration during IFSAM 16th online congress of the 30 years anniversary of the first IFSAM congress in 1992 co-organized with JABA in Tokyo, for which a memory booklet has been published. The recording will be made available soon, along with all the other session recordings in the congress page.

Call for papers

The Call for Papers for the Special Issue on Leadership in special contexts of the Business Research Quarterly (BRQ), the journal of ACEDE, our Spanish member association, is still open. Submission deadline: January 31st, 2023. For information about the special issue and the journal please see this link: https://journals.sagepub.com/page/brq/call-for-papers

News from GA and AC members

Prof. Santiago García Echevarría

We would like to inform that on September 7 at the Academic Year Inauguration, the University of Alcalá awarded Prof. Santiago García Echevarría (IFSAM President – 1997/1998 and current member of the Advisory Council) with the silver medal for the contribution to its development and the creation of the Faculty of Economic Sciences.

Luperfina Rojas, rector of La Serena University

Luperfina Rojas, the president of ASFAE, an association which recently joined the federation, has been elected rector of her university (La Serena) in Chile. We congratulate her and wish her all the best in her new endeavor.

Members’ 2022 Annual Conferences (already taken place)

 JABA Annual Conference (https://keiei-gakkai.jp/en/taikai/)

1 – 4 September 2022

The 96th annual conference of the Japan Academy of Business Administration (JABA) is scheduled to be held online from September 1 (Thursday) to 4 (Sunday), 2022. The host university of the annual meeting is Meiji University, located in Tokyo, Japan. The overall conference theme was Social Transformation and Business Administration.

XLVI ANPAD Annual Meeting (EnANPAD 2022)

21 – 23 September 2022

For more information: http://anpad.com.br/pt_br/event/details/120

With 1352 approved works, presented in 367 sessions. There were 48 activities, including 25 international lectures and panels with more than 40 international guest speakers, the XLVI ANPAD Meeting – EnANPAD 2022 – central theme was “Facing the great challenges of society: The role of management, managers and organizations” was held from September 21 to 23, 2022 online. This year’s EnANPAD was preceded by IFSAM 2022, a congress of the International Federation of Academic Management Associations, which took place from September 7th to 9th, by the Methodological Development Workshops and by the Doctoral Consortium, on the 12th and 13th of September.

Upcoming Members’ (2022) Conferences

AODN Conference

Annual conference with Assumption University, 21 – 22 October 2022

We are grateful to AODN leadership for inviting IFSAM president to address AODN conference attendees.


CNEMA 26th World Management Forum and Eastern Management Forum

25 November 2022

The 26th World Management Forum and Eastern Management Forum will be held in TONGJI University (Shanghai) on November 25th with the theme “Oriental Management and High Quality Development in the New Era”.

We are grateful for CNEMA president and president elect invitation to IFSAM president to address CNEMA conference participants.

35th ANZAM Conference

6 – 7 December 2022

35th ANZAM Conference – Griffith University, Gold Coast QUEENSLAND


IFSAM Governance Meetings

Meetings of this period

  • September 19, 7th Presidents’ Platform Meeting

Next scheduled meeting

  • October 4, Board of Directors
  • October 21, Events Committee Meeting
  • November 8, IFSAM Research Committee Meeting
  • December 12, 8th Presidents’ Platform Meeting

If you have any questions or want to get in touch with IFSAM, please contact us at: info@ifsam.org