IFSAM monthly bulletins

Monthly Bulletin – April 2022

In April 2022, several achievements and meetings took place. Here below the details of the activities.


2022 Awards

At its meeting on April 6 of 2022, the General Assembly decided to call for the following two awards in 2022.

  • IFSAM Award for Excellence in Societally Relevant Management Scholarship
  • IFSAM Award for Excellence in Indigenous Management Scholarship

Nominations, including self-nominations, comprising the relevant materials set out in each award category below should be sent by September 15, 2022.

More info will be posted soon on the IFSAM website.

Inaugural award

FT briefing relays the information on the recipients for our inaugural award on excellence in societally relevant research

https://www.ft.com/content/fd75eefb-5137-4fef-8b15-b14d31ca4fa1 (only for subscribers)

New IFSAM Appointments


Board of Directors

  • Secretary General (SG) – Prof. Martinelli Elisa (nominated by SIMA). Prof. Martinelli previously served as deputy SG since March 2021. We are very grateful for her extraordinary service and continuing commitment to the federation.
  • VP new membership & governance We are very grateful to Ouidade Sabri, our, who served as SG ad interim in the last three months.
  • VP Communication – Prof. Guadalupe Calderon (nominated by ACACIA).

Advisory Board

  • New AB member: Yvon Pesqueux (FNEGE)

Yvon has served the federation in the 6 years’ presidential cycle (as president-elect, president & past president), as well as treasurer, co-organizer of two of our biennial congresses (both in Paris) and representative of FNEGE in our General Assembly.

General Assembly committees

  • Wafa Garah (AMG) for the Education Committee
  • Juan José Nájera Sánchez (ACEDE) for the Practice Committee
  • David Zoogah (AFAM) for the Awards and the 2022 Congress Committees
  • Osmar Arandia (ACACIA) for the Education, Strategy and Research Committees 

We are delighted to relay the news from our member BAM

The British Journal of Management (BJM) will publish a special issue on “Reimagining business and management as a force for good”. This special issue encourages theoretical and empirical contributions on how business and management is taking on a broader social purpose to address grand societal challenges. You can find the call here:


The deadline for paper submissions is 15th October 2022. Guest editor Ken McPhail (kenneth.mcphail@manchester.ac.uk) would be happy to discuss potential submissions. 

Integrated Women: Resilience and Challenges forum

Prof. Phylis Lan Lin, AODN chair and one of its two representatives in IFSAM GA, is organizing an open forum on “Integrated Women: Resilience and Challenges” on June 24.

IFSAM 2022 Congress

Theme: Opportunities and Challenges in a Changing Business & Management HEI Landscape

IFSAM 2022 Congress will be held virtually in collaboration with ANPAD as a pre-conference activity of ENANPAD22 between 7th and 9th September 2022.



Meetings of this month

  • April 5, Board of Directors
  • April 6, GA meeting

Next scheduled meetings

  • May 3, Board of Directors
  • May 23, 6th President’s Platform Meeting on “Hacks for Conference Sustainability”
  • June 27, Annual General Assembly
  • June 28, Annual General Assembly

If you have any questions or want to get in touch with IFSAM, please contact us at: info@ifsam.org