GA committees

IFSAM General Assembly (GA) can create committees and working groups for specific issues. Currently, there are six committees dealing with IFSAM strategy, awards, events, research, education and practice. The creation of the three last committees was approved late 2020. Current composition results from last GA decisions (April 6, 2022).


Goals/tasks: reflect about the challenges the field and the Federation face and make recommendations about directions for future development to the General Assembly


Sandro Castaldo (Ex-Officio, President), Chair

Juan Bernardo Amezcua-Nuñez

Osmar Arandia

Nic Beech (Ex officio, President Elect)

Wafa Khlif

Lee Lu

Xavier Castañer (Ex-Officio, Past President)


Goals/tasks: make recommendations to the GA about the number, purpose, advertising and selection process of IFSAM awards as well as for the composition of each award selection committee


Baniyelme Zoogah, Chair

Isabelle Bouty

Sandro Castaldo (Ex-Officio, President)

Zineb El Andaloussi (delegate of GA member, AMG)

Kenta Hino

Anthony McDonnell


Goals/tasks: make recommendations to the GA about the design of events


Martin Spring (Ex-Officio, VP Events), Chair

Nic Beech (Ex-Officio, President Elect)

Juliana Bonomi (Deputy VP Events, guest Ex officio)

Yerko Cortes (delegate of GA member, ASFAE)

Robert Demir (Deputy VP Events, guest Ex officio)

Wafa Khlif (Ex-Officio, Treasurer)

Lee Lu (Ex-Officio, VP Practice)

Michela Mason

Silviya Svejenova Velikova (Ex-Officio, VP Research)

Sergio Wanderley (Ex-Officio, VP Education)

Baniyelme Zoogah


Goals/tasks: in line with IFSAM’s mission, purpose and evolving vision, (1) to make recommendations to the GA about important developments in management research worldwide, including proposing soft policy statements, based on (2) an ongoing dialogue about management research frontiers among IFSAM’s member organizations (and other scholarly associations), and with leading scholars, policy makers, funders, publishers, journal editors, and other relevant stakeholders in the field worldwide, through online panel discussions and seminars, as well as other appropriate means. Whereas inputs to recommendations and different forms of dialogue is done by the GA Research Committee, their implementation is led by the VP Research and their team.


Silviya Svejenova Velikova (Ex officio, VP Research), Co-Chair

Xavier Castañer (Ex-Officio, Past President) Co-Chair

Osmar Arandia

Sandro Castaldo (President)

Stewart Clegg (ad Personam)

Didier Chabaud

Phylis Lan Lin

Sergio Madero

Renate Meyer (ad Personam)

Christine Moser (Deputy VP Research)


The main general aims are the following:

To foster collaboration and exchange of ideas among management-related scholarly associations, encouraging networking and knowledge sharing to enhance the quality of management education worldwide; to serve as a collective voice and advocate for management education at national and international levels, engaging with policymakers, educational institutions, and relevant stakeholders to shape policies that support the advancement and improvement of management education; to promote standards of quality assurance in management education, to provide opportunities for professional development to management educators, including workshops, seminars, and training programs, to enhance their teaching, research, and leadership skills; to facilitate the development and improvement of management education curricula, ensuring relevance, innovation, and alignment with industry needs and emerging trends in the field, fostering pedagogical Innovation.


Sergio Wanderley (Ex officio, VP Education), Chair

Sandro Castaldo (Ex Officio, President, Co-Chair)

Dev Raj Adhikari

Vanessa Bermeo Pazmiño (Deputy VP Education)

Mary Analí Vera Colina

Matteo Cristofaro (Deputy VP Education, guest Ex officio)

Charles Dhanaraj (ad Personam)

Zineb El Andaloussi (delegate of GA member, AMG)

Trish McLaren

JC Spender (ad Personam)


The practice committee focuses broadly on:

  1. The efforts initiated by scholars and practitioners that contribute to management teaching, research, and how management practice is informed and contributes to organizational effectiveness, teaching, and research;
  2. the implication of current policies ( Institutional and membership bodies and country-specific) on the education, research, and practice linkage and the desired changes, if any;
  3. The relevant academic and administrative practices that enhance and contribute to academic excellence and practical and helpful management practices.


Leehsing Lu (Ex officio, VP Practice), Co-Chair

Nic Beech (President Elect), Co-Chair

Dev Raj Adhikari

Carlos Gabriel Colin

Koldo Echebarrìa (ad Personam)

Wafa Khlif

Véronique Favre-Bonte (delegate of GA member, AEI)

Katy Mason

Juan José Nájera Sánchez

Vijayakumar Parameswaran Unnithan (Deputy VP Practice –  Guest Ex officio)

Sim Sitkin (ad Personam)

Albert Valentine (Deputy VP Practice –  Guest Ex officio)