GA committees

IFSAM General Assembly (GA) can create committees and working groups for specific issues. Currently, there are six committees dealing with IFSAM strategy, awards, the 2022 congress, research, education and practice. The creation of the three last committees was approved late 2020. The composition of these three committees was approved by the GA as of Oct 2021 is the following:


  • Goals/tasks: reflect about the challenges the field and the Federation face and make recommendations about directions for future development to the General Assembly
  • Composition:

Xavier Castaner (Ex-Officio, President), Chair

André Aquino

Lee Lu (Ex-Officio, VP practice)

Wafa Khlif (Ex-Officio, Treasurer)

Yang Zhang (Ex-Officio, Past President)


  • Goals/tasks: make recommendations to the GA about the number, purpose, advertising and selection process of IFSAM awards as well as for the composition of each award selection committee
  • Composition:

Michael Morley (AB), Chair

Isabelle Bouty

Xavier Castaner (Ex-Officio, President)

Sibel Yamak (Coordinator)

2022 congress

  • Goals/tasks: make recommendations to the GA about the design of the 2022 congress
  • Composition:

Martin Spring (Ex-Officio, VP conferences), Chair

Xavier Castaner (Ex-Officio, President)

Wafa Khlif (Ex-Officio, Treasurer)

Felicity Kelliher (ad Personam)

Lee Lu (Ex-officio, VP Practice)

Patrick Reinmoller (Ex-Officio, Director of the Presidential Team)

André Luiz Maranhao de Souza-Leao (Ex-Officio, VP Education)

Silviya Svejenova Velikova (Ex-Officio, VP Research)


  • Composition: 

Silviya Svejenova Velikova (Ex officio, VP Research), Co-Chair

Xavier Castaner (President), Co-Chair

Christine Moser (Deputy VP Research – Guest)

Sandro Castaldo (Ex-Officio, President Elect)

Consuelo Garcia De La Torre

Phylis Lan Lin

Stuart Clegg (ad Personam)

Renate Meyer (ad Personam)


  • Composition: 

André Luiz Maranhao de Souza-Leao (Ex officio, VP Education), Co-Chair

Sandro Castaldo (Ex-Officio, President Elect)

Sergio Wanderly (Deputy VP Education, Guest)

Dev Raj Adhikari

Consuelo Garcia De La Torre

Trish McLaren

Charles Dhanaraj (ad Personam)

JC Spender (ad Personam)


  • Composition: 

Leehsing Lu (Ex officio, VP Practice), Co-Chair

Yang Zhang (Past President) Co-Chair

Prof. Vijayakumar Parameswaran Unnithan (Deputy VP Practice –  Guest)

Dev Raj Adhikari

Wafa Khlif

Katy Mason

Sim Sitkin (ad Personam)

Koldo Echebarrìa (ad Personam)