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  • IFSAM provides an opportunity for executive members of associations to meet with their peers and exchange ideas and suggestions that they can use to improve the functioning of their own associations.
  • IFSAM‘s General Assembly meetings provide a forum for interaction with other association representatives and discussion of issues pertaining to the management of their own association.
  • IFSAM‘s General Assembly meetings and conferences provide an opportunity to develop contacts, exchange ideas, and learn from the experiences of other associations.
  • IFSAM provides an opportunity to work together to support the development of academies of management in developing countries.
  • IFSAM‘s conferences are held in diverse and interesting locations and are organized by academics from various member associations.
  • IFSAM‘s conferences gather academics from around the world to present research and gain valuable feedback from peers, develop research networks and opportunities for collaborative research.
  • IFSAM‘s conferences are venues for sharing current research and teaching practices and standards.

How to Join

IFSAM is an association composed of scholarly associations of management. As article 5 of the Statutes states, there are two possible types of IFSAM membership: full and associate members. The membership criteria are the following:

  1. The majority of individual members (if any) of the association should be professional academics in the management or business field, broadly defined (employed by business schools, universities or other educational institutions).
  2. The majority of the association’s institutional members (if any) should be management or business education schools or colleges of universities or similar educational institutions.
  3. The association should arrange meetings or conferences (probably including research and/or education) at least once every two years.
  4. The association should have a management structure (i.e. a procedure for selecting the president/chair person, secretary and other officers).
  5. The association should have a regular newsletter or a website announcing its activities and giving names of the officers.
  6. The association should have a journal and/or a publication series.
  7. The association should run workshops for research students and/or junior staff (possibly in connection with the research conferences).

An association wanting to become a full member of IFSAM should have at least four of the prior criteria, whereas associate members should be primarily from developing countries with small number of scholars in the respective business discipline (article 5.5) and fulfill at least two of the 7 criteria listed above, including criterion 1.

All member associations can send up to two representatives to IFSAM General Assembly; however, associate members only have one vote (article 14.6). Representatives are designated for a 2-year period, renewable.

If your association is interested in joining IFSAM, please send a letter addressed to the IFSAM President ( IFSAM Secretary General (, by email, that describes how your association meets these characteristics. Please also specify a motivation statement to be submitted for candidacy.
Once the Secretary General considers that the application is complete, this item will be included in the agenda of the next General Assembly meeting. The General Assembly shall decide freely and without the possibility of appeal on each application for admission of a candidate member. On behalf of the General Assembly and the President, the Secretary General will immediately communicate the result of the decision to the applicant.