(signed 16 December 2021)


Article 1: Name

  1. The association is named “International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management”, hereafter referred to as the “Association”. The Association is governed by the provisions of the Belgian Code of Companies and Associations applicable to not for profit associations.
  2. All acts, invoices, announcements, publications, letters, order notes, websites and other documents, whether in electronic or non-electronic form, emanating from the Association must contain the following information:
  • the name of the Association;
  • its legal form, in full or in abbreviated form;
  • the indication of its registered office;
  • its enterprise number;
  • the words “register of legal persons” or the abbreviation “RLP”, followed by the indication of the court of the registered office of the Association;
  • where applicable, the Association’s e-mail address and website;
  • where applicable, the indication that the Association is in liquidation.

Article 2: Registered office

  1. The registered office of the Association is located in Belgium, in the Brussels-Capital Region.
  2. The Board of Directors may transfer the registered office of the Association to any place in the Brussels-Capital Region. The decision to transfer the registered office must be published in the Annexes to the Belgian Official Journal. The Board of Directors is authorised to establish the coordinated version of the Articles of Association and to file it with the clerk’s office of the enterprise Court.

Article 3: Purpose

  1. The non-profit-making purpose of the Association is to advance business and management research, teaching and practice throughout the world. Management is broadly defined, encompassing all its different subfields (operations, marketing, accounting, finance, information technology / information system, organisational behaviour / organisational theory, human resource management, strategy, governance, ethics and corporate social responsibility, etc.) for all kinds of legal forms of formal organizations, in all sectors of activity and regardless of the ownership structure.
  1. In order to achieve the above-mentioned object, the association may, without this list being exhaustive, organise any event, such as conferences, exhibitions, information campaigns with or without the press or collaborate in events organised by third parties.
  1. It may carry out all acts directly or indirectly related to its purpose, and notably:
  • encourage the establishment, maintenance of and synergies among scholarly associations of management;
  • promote linkages and exchanges of information amongst associations and its leaders, supporting their associations’ internationalization;
  • establish and maintain standards of competence in management research, education and practice, with a contextualized perspective;
  • organize international conferences and workshops to explore the development and exchange of new concepts and perspectives on global business, and management challenges and developments;
  • promote other strategies to develop management research, teaching and practice, and encourage the development of contextualized fields of inquiry;
  • set up an accreditation programme; and
  • facilitate the development of networks amongst academics with common interests.
  1. It may lend its assistance and take an interest in any activity similar or analogous to its purpose.
  1. It may seek any financial, material and/or technical assistance at international, regional or national level to further develop and carry out its activities.


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