Membership benefits

  • IFSAM provides an opportunity for executive members of associations to meet with their peers and exchange ideas and suggestions that they can use to improve the functioning of their own associations.
  • The Council meetings provide a forum for interaction with other association representatives and discussion of issues pertaining to the management of their own association.
  • IFSAM Council meetings and conferences provide an opportunity to develop contacts, exchange ideas, and learn from the experiences of other associations.
  • IFSAM provides an opportunity to work together to support the development of academies of management in developing countries.

Membership types, admissibility criteria, fees and process

  • Scholarly associations (learned academies or societies) of management can become members of IFSAM.

  • According to article 2 of the Statutes, there are two types of membership: full and associate members. Criteria for each are listed in article 2 and appendices 1 and 2.

  • Full members of IFSAM typically include established national, regional or international associations whose primary objective is the advancement of research and teaching of management. The full membership fee is currently $1,250 (USD) per year.

  • Associations from developing countries, with small number of members or limited financial capacity may join IFSAM as associate members (for up to three years), paying half the full membership dues.

  • The IFSAM executive committee can also grant reduced full membership fees (not below the amount of associate membership) if certain conditions regarding the member limited financial capability are fulfilled.

  • Please see How to Join for more information on joining IFSAM.