IFSAM COVID-19 Statement

The IFSAM executive committee would like to state its position regarding the management of the Covid-19 pandemic, now a year after its outbreak.

As the executive body of the federation which brings together scholarly associations concerned with management across the entire world, we believe that:

  1. existing scientific management knowledge across the world should be leveraged as much as possible for the management of the pandemic consequences across all sectors of human activity. This includes the exercise of caring and responsible management to avoid harm as well as dealing with trade-offs and tensions in an ethical manner;
  2. a scientific approach should be taken to address the management challenges the pandemic brings across the corporate, governmental and civic sectors. This requires resources, in particular time and cooperation among many stakeholders to obtain longitudinal data in order to be able to grasp causality; and
  3. a contextualized perspective should be taken to the pandemic’s management across different parts of the world.  This will also benefit from the scientific knowledge about cross-cultural management.

We stand available to help concerned stakeholders to identify the sources of existing scientific management knowledge and resources about the scientific process through our member associations.