IFSAM Annual Meeting 2021

On Monday 10 May, we held the annual general meeting of IFSAM Council. We were delighted to welcome 14 representatives from 11 academic associations of business and management to come together, alongside the Executive Committee, to discuss the continued development and impact of the federation. We were particularly grateful to those members who attended the meeting in what was the middle of the night in their countries.

As IFSAM continues to grow, our focus is very much on professionalising our operations and on considering how we can best provide value to our members. With this in mind, we were pleased that the Council approved a number of suggested changes to our bylaws as well as the annual budget. In particular, the Council approved the inaugural composition of the advisory board, which will include past Council leaders and members as well as external members from different parts of the world. The advisory board will play a key role in providing advice on IFSAM strategic direction and action. It will also help the federation to maintain and further nurture ties with its former and current member associations in supporting and shaping management research, teaching and practice.