Dialogue between ANZAM and our federation

Our president had a great, very fruitful online conversation with Professor Kerry Brown, ANZAM president, who is currently an observer in our General Assembly. The dialogue centered on how to improve the communication between ANZAM and our federation, as well as on the mutual sharing of the news about both entities’ developments.

We look forward to strengthening the link between the two organizations with the hope that ANZAM will return to our federation as a full member.

Professor Brown has been participating even as ANZAM president elect in many of our activities since December 2020, including our 15th congress, and our webinar series on management research quality, including the one which she co-chaired.

She has also been attending and contributing to the presidents’ platform meetings to discuss the recent and future evolution of scholarly associations around the world due to the pandemics, which we started in January and will continue May 31 with its third meeting.

Thanks so much, Kerry!