IFSAM honors Tom Lee, former IFSAM Council member

We would like to express our sorrow for the demise of Tom Lee this past summer (https://aom.org/about-aom/aom-news/blog-detail_news/releases/2021/06/26/aom-honors-thomas-(tom)-w.-lee-aom-s-63rd-president).

Tom Lee, 63rd AOM president, served as one of the representatives of AOM in IFSAM Council (now the General Assembly).

Tom made many contributions to IFSAM, the last one being his collaboration in the organization of IFSAM 30 year anniversary online celebration on Dec 8, 2020. Tom attended the ceremony to join then AOM president Quinetta Roberson to receive on behalf of AOM the outstanding IFSAM service award given to the late Jan Beyer, another former AOM president and 4th IFSAM president.