VHB centenary


IFSAM General Assembly, Executive Committee and Advisory Board extend their warm congratulations to the leadership and membership of VHB for its centenary. According to our records, VHB is the oldest scholarly association in management and business administration in the world.

VHB was a key founding member of our federation 31 years ago. IFSAM foundation was led by Prof. H. Albach, our founding president (https://www.ifsam.org/past-presidents/) who was then VHB president.

We are also grateful to many other VHB leaders who contributed to our federation over the years, including the late Wolfgang Weber, 9th IFSAM president as well as Klaus Brockhoff and Dodo zu-Knyphausen, who were IFSAM executive committee members. All three were also VHB presidents.

We wish VHB a great success in its celebrations which started on Nov 26. Herzliche Glückwünche!