IFSAM Inaugural Awards


Through IFSAM General Assembly’s committee on awards, the Federation has named the following colleagues as recipients of IFSAM Inaugural Awards:

  1. IFSAM Award for Excellence in Societal Management Research
    ex-aequo winners: Prof. Tima Bansal and Prof. Romain Laufer
  2. IFSAM Award for Excellence in Indigenous Management Scholarship
    winner: Prof. Arcelia Toledo López

  3. IFSAM Award for Excellence and Innovation in Management Pedagogy
    winner: Prof. Brian Tjemkes

  4. IFSAM Award for Exceptional Service to the Management Field Worldwide
    ex-aequo winners: Prof. Pawan Budhwar and Prof. Jean-François Chanlat

We congratulate the winners and we wish them continued success.

We thank our GA Awards’ Committee and its Chair, Michael J Morley, as well as the other members of the selection panels (Andrew JackFelicity KelliherMarie McHugh and David Zoogah) for the evaluation process performed and for their outstanding and continued service to the Federation.

We are also grateful to Martinelli Elisa for her logistical assistance as deputy secretary to make these inaugural awards a reality.