Sixth Platform Meeting


The Sixth Presidents Platform Meeting on “Hacks for Conference Sustainability” took place on May 23, 2022. Prof Giuseppe Delmestri, the vice-chair of EGOS and member the Board Sustainability Taskforce at EGOS (European Group of Organization Studies), shared his experience about conference sustainability.

Climate Mobility and Responsible Conferences: Personal Experiences and Academic Reflections? Prof Delmestri shared key figures concerning the problem of travel and diet climate impact when organizing academic conferences. Attendees learnt about the “OS4Future journey” (www., an initiative within the European Group of Organization Studies (EGOS). “OS4Future journey” is a movement committed to inspire academics to take action on climate change. A few important questions remain open: is the frequency conference to be reduced? Should conference online formats be introduced? Plenty of food for thought!

Stay tuned: the next Presidents Platform Meeting will be about sharing the key lessons and ideas for organizing sustainable conference. Join us on 19 September 2022, at 2-4 pm (CEST).