Rethinking good research in times of impact

August 31st, 2022 BAM conference

After the joint sessions on our position statement on management research with ACACIA (Mexico) in May and Società Italiana di Management (Italy) in July, we are delighted to announce the upcoming one with founding member the British Academy of Management.

This panel will engage presenters across the globe and the audience in rethinking the meaning of and approaches to good research in a dramatically changing landscape, in which the societal impact of management research is of increasing importance and so is the need for greater international collaboration between management scholars due to the global nature of the challenges we are trying to engage with, drawing on IFSAM General Assembly’s position statement on research.

We are thankful to BAM leadership and we are looking forward to BAM community input on our position statement.

BAM2022 Conference:

Distinguished speakers:

Professor Alketa Peci, Fundação Getulio Vargas, Brazil – ANPAD President and Editor, Revista de Administração Pública (Brazilian Journal of Public Administration)

Professor Anna Grandori, Università Bocconi, Italy – Editor in chief, European Management Review 

Professor Baniyelme D. Zoogah, McMaster University, Canada – Africa Academy of Management (AFAM) President and Africa Journal of Management

Professor Gazi Islam, Grenoble Ecole de Management, France – Editor in chief, Journal of Business Ethics

Professor Paolo Quattrone, University of Manchester, UK – Editor in chief, Organization Studies

BAM Chair, Professor Kathy Mason, and IFSAM VP research, Professor Silviya Svejenova, will engage in conversation with the distinguished speakers on some of the following and other related questions:

  • How is the societal impact agenda transforming the meaning of and approaches to good research?
  • What new approaches and initiatives to improving the impact of management research are emerging?
  • What are the implications and unintended consequences of the impact agenda for the future of management research?
  • What does the impact agenda mean for international collaboration in research? (e.g. in terms of understanding different regional contexts and the sensitivity needed around issues of colonisation of research agendas)
  • What is the role of universities and business schools as well as journals and academic associations in the pursuit of good research in times of impact?