Celebration of 30 years of IFSAM 1st congress

Tokyo, 1992


Celebration of 30 years of IFSAM 1st congress (Tokyo, 1992) at IFSAM 2022 online congress

We are happy to announce that the opening session of the IFSAM 2022 congress will also contain a celebration of the 30 years’ anniversary of the first IFSAM congress in Tokyo in 1992 organized in cooperation with IFSAM founding member the Japan Academy of Business Administration (JABA).

For this celebration we have prepared a booklet of memories from several participants and organizers, which will be presented by some of them during the inaugural session of the 2022 online congress, Sept 7:

  • Koji Okubayashi, Vice chair of the 1992 congress organizing committee, former IFSAM secretary;
  • Klaus Brockhoff, IFSAM executive and participant in the 1992 congress, former president of German Association for Business Research;
  • Alain Burlaud, 1992 congress keynote speaker, and former IFSAM president, and current chair of IFSAM advisory council;
  • Takashi Sakikawa, current JABA executive, international relations director and
  • Patricia Tomei, 1992 congress participant.