Nineth President Platform Meeting


The nineth Presidents’ Platform Meeting on “impact of management research” took place on April 17, 2023. The panel included Silviya Svejenova (IFSAM Vice President Research), Renate Meyer (WU Vienna and 2021 division chair of the OMT Division of the Academy of Management), and Menico Rizzi (Steering Board member at CoARA – Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment).

Attendees and panelists engaged in exchange about promises and perils of the assessment of impact of management research. On the one hand, management research can contribute to ongoing discussions about today’s burning issues. On the other hand, measuring impact presents the risk of reverting to the unproductive use of metrics. Against this background, scholarly associations in management can play an enabling role in fostering the use of such metrics responsibly.

Several joint initiatives among attendees emerged from the discussion. Menico Rizzi invited IFSAM members to consider joining CoARA – Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment, and he would welcome questions from interested parties. For more information about CoARA, visit: