2020 World Management Forum and Oriental Management Forum


In the past 30 years of China’s reform and opening, 21 universities and organizations, including Fudan University, and thousands of institutions at home and abroad, are committed to learning, discussing and refining the essence of management in ancient and modern China and abroad. After more than 30 years of exploration and research, led by Prof. Su Dongshui, the chief professor of Fudan University, these institutions created an emerging management discipline, the Oriental Management, which was built on the basis of “3-Xue” (Chinese Management, Western Management and Overseas Chinese Management), and then an innovative theoretical system of  “3-Wei” (Putting People First, Regarding Morality As Priority, and Conducting Oneself to Serve Others), “4-Zhi” (State Governance, Business Governance, Family Governance, and Personal Governance), “5-Xing” (Practice of Humane Orientation, Practice of Human Heartedness, Practice of Interpersonal Connectedness, Practice of Strategy Implementation and Practice of Talent Development) and “3-He” (Unity, integration and Harmony) formed. Oriental Management Science takes root in Chinese management and learns from others. It combines the practice of overseas Chinese management with the practice of domestic enterprise management since the reform and opening and integrates the essence of many other subjects.

Up to now, the Oriental Management Studies have had three thousand disciples, two hundred elites, and more than one hundred publications. It enjoys a great influence and status in the domestic and international economic management academia; its research results are at the forefront of domestic and international studies. In the past ten years, experts and scholars, mainly researchers from the Oriental Management Research Center of Fudan University, led by Prof. Su Dongshui, have made significant achievements in the research of this theory.

In order to make the oriental management culture, which is based on China’s excellent culture, be easily understood, and the Oriental Management Studies can be better integrated into the world,  to influence the world more, and to promote the research, education and dissemination of Oriental Management, since 1997, the International  Federation of Management Scholars Association (IFSAM) Committee of China, the Research Center for Oriental Management of Fudan University, the Institute of Economic Management of Fudan University, China National Economic Management Association, Shanghai Management Education Society, School of Shanghai Donghua International Talent and other organizations hold the “World Management Forum and Oriental Management Forum” once a year, and totally hosted 22 forums successively at Fudan University, Shanghai International Studies University (SISU), Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Peking University, Hohai University, Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM), Huaqiao University, Shanghai University of Engineering Science and Donghua University and other well-known universities at home and abroad. Each forum has gained the domestic and international recognition with profound and prospective topics, high-level speakers and meaningful research results. During the period, the World Overseas Chinese Management Conference (1999), the World Management Conference (1997), the ninth IFSAM World Management Conference (2008) and the 14th IFSAM World Management Conference (2018) were held, which have extensive influence at home and abroad, promoting the development, innovation and integration of oriental management into the world.

The number of participants in the forum has exceeded 10,000, and nearly 2,000 papers have been published. More than 20 symposiums named The Oriental Management Forum have been edited. The Oriental Management has developed into a unique modern discipline around the world. Lots of outstanding, promising academic elites, regulators and business operators who apply oriental management ideas to practice come to emerge. Oriental Management combines the essence of Eastern and Western management thoughts and culture, promotes the innovation of management, and makes great contribution to the development of Chinese management studies.

Previous World management Forum and Oriental Management Forum

No.YearConference ThemeLocationHost & Sponsors
1st1997Oriental and western management culture aimed for the 21st centuryShanghaiShanghai International Studies University, Fudan University400
2nd1998Internationalization and localization of management: the revival of oriental managementShanghaiFudan University200
3rd1999Development of overseas Chinese management around the world in the 21st centuryShanghaiFudan University300
4th2000Oriental management culture and modern economy developmentHuangshanFudan University100
5th2001Innovation and development of oriental management cultureShanghaiFudan University200
6th2002Oriental management and industrial developmentShanghaiFudan University300
7th2003Innovation and development of oriental management scienceShanghaiShanghai Jiao Tong University200
8th2004Oriental management, western management, and overseas Chinese managementShanghaiFudan University158
9th2005Oriental management and harmonious society: the symposium on oriental managementShanghaiFudan University500
10th2006Oriental and western management in a global contextShanghaiShanghai International Studies University, Shanghai Management Education Society200
11th2007Oriental management thoughts and Chinese management innovationShanghaiPeking University200
12th2008Fusion of oriental and western managementShanghaiFudan University200
13th2009Oriental management: in the process of globalizationNanjingHohai University500
14th2010Justice, sustainability and conducting oneself to serve othersParisConservatoire National des Arts et Métiers230
15th2011Oriental management, overseas Chinese management and Chinese soft powerQuanzhouHuaqiao University200
16th2012Oriental management in the past 3000 years, in the past 3o years and in the future: a research on Chinese management innovationShanghaiShanghai University of Engineering Science200
17th2013Fusion and innovation of Chinese management: the harmony between individuals, people and society, and human and the natureYixingFudan University, Joru Senior Care Group600
18th2014Theory and practice of oriental management in the past, at the present and in the futureShanghaiFudan University200
19th2015New normal, new thinking and new practiceShanghaiDonghua University250
20th2016Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurshipShanghaiInternational Federation of
Scholarly Associations of Management (IFSAM) Committee of China, Shanghai Management Education Society
21st2017Opening up, sharing and diversification: a new development of oriental managementShanghai(IFSAM) Committee of China
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
22nd2018Regional management and cross-cultural managementShanghai(IFSAM) Committee of China
Shanghai International Studies University
23rd2019Oriental management wisdom and new Era entrepreneurshipShanghai(IFSAM) Committee of China
Shanghai University of Engineering Science