China National Economic Management Association (CNEMA)

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Next Conference:November 2023 with the theme of “Eastern Management and Chinese Modernization”

Last Conference: 25th World Management Forum and Eastern Management Forum – 31 October – 1 November 2021 at Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics –

25th CNEMA Conference – report

Institutional Information

Founded in February, 1982, China National Economic Management Association (CNEMA) is a national academic organization on economic management. It is composed of scholars from universities, institutions, government departments, enterprises, professional government officials and entrepreneurs. NEA sits in Economic Management Institute of Fudan University.

The task of CNEMA is to inspire management, to study management science, to cultivate managerial talents, to transmit management knowledge, to enhance management consultation, to organize academic communication, to compile management textbooks, to accelerate management modernization, and finally to build a national economic management association based on socialism with Chinese character. In 1992, CNEMA became the first and only Chinese academic organization to be admitted the member of IFSAM.

Professor Su Dongshui has been the president since the foundation of CNEMA. He is Chief Professor of Fudan University, Director of Economic Management Institute, senior scientist in research of industrial economics, PhD Supervisor, a member of the Evaluation Committee of Academic Degrees, State Council of the PRC, a member of IMI, and President of IFSAM China. Moreover, Professor Su has edited and published more than 80 academic works, cultivated post-doc researchers, PhD and graduate students of more than 200, a lot of undergraduates and advanced students, contributing significantly to the foundation and development of CNEMA.

Since its foundation, CNEMA has held national academic conference every two years, attended global conferences held by IFSAM and other international academic conferences, collaboratively organized 97 World Management Conference, World Management Conference of Overseas Chinese Enterprisers, Oriental Elite Forum—the tenth World Management Forum. As a result of the forum, ten volumes of dissertation collection were published, including thousands of dissertations. Nearly 300 scholars from worldwide fields of academy, politics and business attended the forum. CNEMA has published over 100 academic work and management books. National Economic Management, as a typical example, has a circulation of more than 3000000, and is listed the textbook for national parties, administration and economic management. It is honored with the first prize of National Excellent Books. Study on Modernization of Chinese Enterprise Management receives the Top Grade Award of Shanghai Social Sciences Association. Chinese Management Reference gets the National Arts Study Award. Besides, CNEMA has published the first Oriental Management Series in China (15 volumes), made several special lectures for local leaders, five full-scale TV lectures, Oriental Elite Forum, led significant topic researches of local economic development strategy, Chinese coastal economic development, and town-village enterprises development in China. CNEMA has also set up Donghua International Talent Institute, and cultivated over 6000 senior managerial talents.

During these 25 years, CNEMA has made great achievement. When founding the Oriental Management School, it employs “Five Leadings” in talent training, “Five Creations” in academic research, “Five Firsts” in working compiling, “Five Pioneers” in management education, and “Five Achievements” in international communication. This contributes a lot to China’s management science towards world, and propels research, communication of Chinese national economic management. In the future, CNEMA will take the above as its task, enforce international communication, and contribute more to communication and mutual propelling between Western and Oriental economic management.