Spanish Academy of Management (ACEDE)

Basic Information

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The ACEDE – Spanish Academy of Management – gathers teaching staff in higher education with a remit to bolster scientific research into the main issues involved in business administration and divulge that knowledge both to students and managers.

ACEDE was set up in 1990 and, since then, it has consolidated its role as a forum for academics seeking to drive research and rigorous scholarship within the field of Management/Business Administration, including other subjects such as Financial Economics and Marketing and Market Research. The Academy is organized into divisions, which involve members sharing similar professional and academic interests (

ACEDE membership benefits:

  1. Receive the journal of the Association BRQ – Business Research Quarterly (
  2. Special fees for the conference and ACEDE activities
  3. Members’ rights and duties (see Statutes)
  4. Access to the private area of the website and members-only resources
  5. Join one or more of ACEDE’s divisions (up to three)


The Association’s main activities include the following:

Next Conference: TBA

Last Conference: XXXIII International Conference of ACEDE – June 16 to 18, 2024 at the Universitat Politècnica de València, in València (Spain)

Institutional Information

ACEDE-Spanish Academy of Management – currently has over 700 members and is open to all those teaching staff and professionals both in Spain and abroad that share our goals and feel impelled to improve both the teaching of management and research into it throughout the world.

ACEDE is an affiliated organization of EURAM ( This agreement offers members of the two associations some preferential treatment and is the first such arrangement that EURAM has signed with territorial associations

ACEDE (Spanish Academy of Management) is currently an Associated Society of the Academy of Management (

Other collaboration agreements: