Administrative Sciences Association of Canada (ASAC)

Basic Information

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Next Conference: Next Conference:ASAC 2024, Online May 28/29 and in Person June 1 to 3, 2024 – Montréal (Longueuil)

Last Conference: ASAC 2023, Online May 30-31 and in Person June 3-5

Institutional Information

The Administrative Sciences Association of Canada (ASAC) was founded in 1957, one of the oldest learned societies in the Western world, and has been an integral part of the Canadian management academic discipline ever since.

ASAC currently has 493 members, 97% of whom are professional academics employed at a university or are currently completing a Masters or PhD in the field of business.

In terms of activities, ASAC holds an annual conference where members present their current research. The conference uses a peer-review system for acceptance of submissions. ASAC also runs a full-day doctoral consortium as part of its annual conference.

ASAC also owns the Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed research publication that publishes research from around the world (

Governance-wise, ASAC has an elected Board of Directors, including a President, Past President, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President Program, Vice President Program Elect, and Vice President Membership and Marketing. The procedure for electing the Board of Directors is outlined in the ASAC Bylaws (

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ASAC was a founding member of IFSAM and ASAC members were Presidents of IFSAM in 1999/2000 (Andre Petit) and 2007/2008 (Sue Bruinink).

ASAC is back in the Federation since 2020.