Asia Organization Development Network (AODN)

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Last Conference: Annual conference with Assumption University, 21 – 22 October 2022

Institutional Information

The Asia Organization Development Network (AODN) was founded in 2006 by a group of OD scholars and practitioners, based in Asia and the US. It is a not-for-profit organization, officially registered

in the US and in India in May and June 2006, respectively.

AODN’s goals are multifold. It aims to connect and network with OD practitioners and scholars in Asia and around the world; to co-create and formulate conceptual and theoretical frameworks in OD, with a special focus on their relevance to the emerging economic, social, cultural, and technological developments in the Asian region; to promote OD and institutional building practice among all sectors of society; and to offer OD Competency certificates and other related training programs.

AODN has alliances with OD Institutes in China, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, and Thailand. AODN collaborates with the International OD Association (IODA) and the OD Network (ODN) to offer international events.

AODN offers training and certificate programs. The forthcoming OD Competency Certificate Program, based on ODN Global Competencies Framework, will be delivered by a group of internationally renowned scholars and practitioners in 2021. The first distance learning training program will be launched in late November 2020, and a series of follow-up training programs will be offered in 2021 and thereafter.

Since 2006 AODN has organized the International OD Summit at least once a year in different locations in Asia. On average, there were 200+ attendees participating in each.

Due to the pandemic, a three-day 2020 Summit will be operated from Chicago via Zoom or another similar platform. The 2021 Summit is scheduled to take place in Bangkok, Thailand and the 2022 Summit in Sydney, Australia.

The AODN Board of Directors, represented by AODN members in Asian countries and the United States, meets on a regular and ad hoc basis.

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