Association Francophone de la Comptabilité (AFC)

Basic Information

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Next Conference: 45è Congrès annuel à Lion – Dijon Campus of the University of Burgundy “Accounting and Values” – May 29-31, 2024

Last Conference:44ème Congrès annuel à Lion – 30 – 31- May and 1 June 2023

Institutional Information

Created in 1979, the Association Française de Comptabilité, which became the Association Francophone de Comptabilité in 2002, gathers more than 400 academics, from universities and business schools, in the fields of accounting, management control, audit and corporate social responsibility.

1. To contribute to the development and dissemination of knowledge in these fields.
2. To create and develop research and teaching networks at national and international levels.
3. To promote links between practitioners and academics.

The annual congress, gathering the doctoral colloquium, parallel sessions with discussants and journals’ symposia, is the main scientific event of the Association. On the initiative of the Board or a local section, workshops are also organized,  bringing together researchers and specialists on a particular issue.

Comptabilité Contrôle Audit (CCA) / Accounting Auditing Control (AAC) is the first journal of the Association, available on and accessible through the AFC membership. It promotes high-level research in accounting and defends an open and contemporary research, welcoming all methodological and epistemological frames. CCA/AAC is bilingual, by simultaneously proposing all the articles in French and English. Published four times a year, it also organizes an annual conference.
Audit Comptabilité Contrôle : Recherches Appliquées (ACCRA) is the second journal of the AFC, available on and free of charge. It contains short academic articles likely to be of interest to the entire French-speaking community of academics, professionals and students in accounting. The aim is to ensure the dissemination and promotion of applied research work to the widest possible audience while respecting rigorous academic criteria.