IFSAM conversation letters

Our Council has approved our executive committee proposal to create the first publication of our federation: the IFSAM conversation letters.

The conversation letters will be a short publication summarizing the key insights for example of one of our activities such as a webinar.

A conversation letter will contain at least two short articles (of 2-3 pages) in dialogue about the same issue. One of them will be written by at least one of our Council members while the other will tend to be written by an external person.

The first conversation letter will be devoted to the insights of our first webinar last Jan 29 on #management #research #evaluation worldwide: https://www.ifsam.org/blog/2021/01/29/first-webinar/

This first conversation will be between one article kindly written by Andrew Jack and another by the co-chairs of the webinar, Patricia Genoe McLaren and Xavier Castañer. Its release is expected very soon, prior to our next webinar in this series on February 24: https://www.ifsam.org/blog/2021/01/30/second-webinar/

The conversation letters will be edited by our president elect, together with the past president and the president.