Webinar «East and West: Comparative Perspectives on Business Management»

Every country’s business management styles different and, to a great extent, depend on and reflect the culture of each community, also reflected in the educational system and the political, economic and social context.

The differences in these factors between Europe and Asia are obvious, conditioning the access and exercise of hierarchical authority, leadership and decision-making, company organisation, planning and other aspects of business management in particular and of organisational management in general.

However, both systems have evolved in the last decade, so there are also points of convergence.

In this webinar we will analyse the main characteristics of business management in Asia and Europe, with experts from the academic and business world.

The webinar, co-organized by Casa Asia, IFSAM (International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management) and ACEDE (Scientific Association of Economics and Business Management) is aimed at European managers with interests in Asia, Asian managers with interests in Europe and academics and students in the field of business management.

The webinar will be held in English.