AODN 2022 annual meeting

22 – 23 October 2022

IFSAM wishes to the leaders, organizing committee members and other members of the Asia Organizational Development Network (AODN), a full member association of the Federation, all the best for AODN 2022 annual meeting, scheduled to be held online October 22-23.
We also congratulate AODN leadership for the online organization of its 16th annual meeting in this difficult period and on such an important and topical theme “Organization and business management in the dynamic digital dimension”.

We truly appreciate the kind invitation of AODN president, LEE LU, to IFSAM president to address the conference participants at the conference opening ceremony on October 22.

This is the third time that the president of IFSAM participates in AODN annual conferences (2020-2022), since AODN joined the Federation in 2018. We are delighted about this regular participation and we hope this will become a tradition, so AODN members can keep abreast of IFSAM’s evolution and IFSAM remain in touch with AODN members.

Congratulations to AODN for its successful conference.