15th online Conference

The 2020 IFSAM congress will also be online and abridged due to the pandemic and will take place in connection with EUROPEAN ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT 2020 online conference (Dec 4-6). https://conferences.euram.academy/2020conference/

The theme of the 2020 IFSAM congress is : ‘The challenges of management research, education and practice during and after the current pandemic across the world.’

The program (soon to be released) will include panels each dealing with one the three issues above (management research, education and practice) plus a fourth panel on how scholarly associations are dealing themselves with the covid challenges.

The panels will showcase several leaders in the field of management scholarship across the world, such as  (AOM Vice President elect), (AIMS President), Pawan Budhwar (INDAM founding President), Sandro Castaldo (SIMA President), Thomas Durand (EURAM immediate past President), Norio Kambayashi (JABA President), Felicity KelliherLee Lu (AODN President), Antonio Gastaud Macada (ANPAD outgoing President), Patricia Genoe McLaren (ASAC President), Kathrin Moeslein (EURAM President), Michael J Morley (IFSAM past President), Mark Mullaly (ASAC VP), Alketa Peci (incoming ANPAD President), Len Trevino (IberoAmerican AoM), Anne Tsui (RRBM founding President), Sibel Yamak & Yang Zhang (IFSAM President),  David Zoogah, Africa AOM among others.

Registration: through EURAM 2020 registration

The congress is co-chaired by  and Xavier Castañer (IFSAM President-elect).


On the challenges of & opportunities for management research in times of pandemic across the globe: Rules of the game, knowledge generated and its diffusion and use (link with practice).

Len Treviño, IberoAmerican president

Jane Lu, Asia AOM president

Michael Morley, IFSAM past president

Anne Tsui, IACMR & RRBM founding president (also AOM 67th president)

Sibel Yamak, EURAM past president

David Zoogah, Africa AOM president

On the challenges of and opportunities for management education in times of pandemic: The radical shift to online instruction (‘the business of now’) and its future.

Melanie Bryant, ANZAM outgoing president (or incoming one)

Sandro Castaldo, SIMA president (Società Italiana di Management)

Salma Damak, ATC (Association Tunisienne de la Comptabilité) president

Norio Kambayashi, JABA president

Antonio Gastaud Maçada, ANPAD outgoing president

On the challenges of and opportunities for management practice in pandemics: Adaptation (online shift), restructuring & reinventing, developing resilience (how does academic management knowledge help?).

Sharon Alvarez, AOM VP elect

África Ariño, SMS president elect

Pawan Budhwar, INDAM founding president

Thomas Durand, EURAM past president

Stefan Gueldenberg, EURAM VP practice

Lee Lu, AODN president

Mark Mullaly, ASAC VP

On the challenges of and opportunities for management learned societies in pandemic times: Shifting to online, redefining activities and financial resilience.

Isabelle Bouty, AIMS president

Felicity Kelliher, Irish AOM chair

Trish McLaren, ASAC president

Kathrin Moeslein, EURAM president

Alketa Peci, ANPAD incoming president

Zhang Yang, IFSAM president

Panel 1

The Challenges and Opportunities of Management Research in Times of Pandemic across the Globe: Rules of the Game, Knowledge Generated and its Diffusion and Use

Michael Morley, IFSAM past president

Responsible Leadership in Pandemic Times and Beyond

Anne Tsui, IACMR & RRBM founding president (also AOM 67th president)