Today, our first joint webinar with Casa Asia and ACEDE


Today we had the first webinar co-organized with Casa Asia (a branch of the Spanish foreign relations ministry) and our Spanish member, ACEDE.

There were four very interesting presentations by:
Chungwai So, Deputy Executive Director of Research. Oriental Management Center, Shanghai International Studies University;
Yinshan Tang, Professor of Management Computing at Henley Business School;
Josep M. Coll, Professor of Strategy, Sustainability and Innovation at EADA Business School, Visiting Professor at Yonsei University in Korea;
Fidel León Darder, Associate Professor of International Business in the Department of Business Strategy at the University of Valencia.

The webinar had 120 attendees from all over the world.

The presentations will be made available to participants.

We sincerely thank Casa Asia for spearheading the organization of this event, the first of this kind of cooperation for us. We are also indebted to our member ACEDE for joining the initiative and providing panelists to the event.

We look forward to further cases of this synergistic cooperation between IFSAM and its members, as well as among members.

We are grateful that Chungwai So, president elect and representative of CNEMA in our GA and Yinshan Tang, former rep of CAMS to our GA and current Advisory Board member. Both CAMS and CNEMA are also full members of our federation, like ACEDE.

Casa Asia