Foundation Nationale pour L’Enseignment de la Gestion des Entreprises (FNEGE)

Basic Information

English Name:  French Foundation for Management Education

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Institutional Information

The structure:

  • Foundation recognized as a non-profit public utility
  • Established since 1968.
  • Jointly governed by representatives of the State and enterprises
  • Financed by French public authorities (State, Chambers of Commerce and Industry) and enterprises.

The missions:

  • To develop and improve the quality of French training programs in management and business administration.
  • To promote stronger ties between education and industry.
  • To create and support pedagogical innovations.
  • To develop and spread, in France and abroad, French research in management sciences.
  • To export French management teaching know-how.

The main activities:

Development of management education in France:

  • funding of pedagogical research programs,
  • updating of pedagogical material,
  • organization of meetings and conferences on management education,
  • financial and technical assistance to the French Ph.D. programs,
  • collaboration among the network of about 60 French corporate management training establishments (Universities and IAEs:Paris-Dauphine, Paris I Sorbonne…, and business schools: HEC, ESSEC, ESC Paris, ESC Lyon…)

Training of management teachers:

  • scholarships for Ph.D students,
  • organization of doctoral methodological seminars within the CEFAG (European Center for Training in Management)
  • fundings of international programs for professional development of management educators.

Support and development of research and management practices:

  • funding of research programs in collaboration with the French academic associations of management (accounting and management control; finance, human resources, information systems, marketing, strategic management…)
  • organization of research seminars,
  • publication of the Revue Française de Gestion, the main academic journal in France in the field of management sciences.
  • Setting up management programs and projects abroad in collaboration with French Public authorities (Ministry of Foreign Affairs…) and international bodies for cooperation assistance (World Bank, UNDP, ILO, EEC).
  • programs of training for foreign managers (practical training with incompany projects) and for foreign trainers.
  • technical assistance to foreign management centers.

Some examples of recent programs:

  • the French-Chinese Management Center in Peking (China)
  • The French-Czech Management Institute in Praha (Czech Republic)
  • a training of trainers program with Phnom Penh Business School
  • creation of three business schools in Morocco
  • creation of a French-Egyptian management diploma at the University of Aïn Shams, Cairo (Egypt),
  • training for executives and trainers at the University of Timisoara (Romania).

Publications and information supports:

  • Revue Française de Gestion (6 issues per year)
  • Annual report
  • Newsletter (monthly)
  • Surveys on research and education in the field of management (list on request)